Jake R.

Jason is probably the best guitarist and guitar teacher I know. He has helped me with stuff from simple techniques to advanced shredding. I have learned some awesome songs by legendary bands, and some not so legendary. Jason has made guitar fun for me and I will never get bored of the way Jason teaches. From playing songs to just fooling around with chord progressions and scales, Jason had advanced me and the comfort of having lessons in your own home is awesome. Jason rocks, and he has taught many others to rock too.

Wills & Merrilee Harris

I really like taking guitar lessons from Jason. He is a great player, is organized with an ipad and is very helpful. He brings music for the songs that he thinks I would like and sends them to me. I have learned a lot from him in just a few lessons.
Wills Harris - age 14

It has been great working with Jason. He is responsible, reliable and a motivating instructor. I have been very impressed by Wills' progress and how much he looks forward to his guitar lessons.
Thanks again
- Merrilee

Reg L

Two thumbs WAY UP for Jason!!! I wish I would have found a teacher like Jason years ago. He is a very inspirational and talented individual. His guitar ability has no bounds and his understanding of music theory is beyond his young years. I would highly recommend Jason to anyone wanting to learn guitar. Someday I want to grow up and play the guitar just like him!!! (LOL, I'm over 50!)

Michael Cerfogli

Jason is awesome. He is just so good at guitar. Not only is he good at guitar he is also an excelent teacher. He is able to explain things to me very well and i almost never have any questions. I just think that he is an amazing guitar teacher and can teach anybody no matter what playing level

Mark Yanis

My six-year-old daughter takes lessons from Jason. I've tried to teach her guitar myself and it's been a challenge to get her to stay focused. Jason is patient but is able to get her engaged in playing and, as a result, she's made some real progress. Thanks!

Harrison Moore-Kondo

Not only is Jason a chill guy, but he is the best teacher I've had; one of the best musicians I've ever met. In the few lessons I took from him, he taught me more than my four other teachers had. He is patient, and can teach every style of music, and will really open your mind when it comes to the instrument.

Vince Giovinazzo

If you are eager to quickly develop your guitar playing skills, and have a tremendously fun time in the process, Jason is the teacher for you! He is BOTH an excellent musician AND teacher, and a real cool guy. Jason is patient and intuitive, and keeps me motivated to learn a variety of different styles, while thoroughly enjoying the learning process. I improved more in the first year with Jason than the prior several years on my own or with varioius other instructors. He always has ideas of something new to learn. The fun never ends!

John Graham

I have been playing for a few months and I've only been taking lessons from Jason for a few weeks. I've already learned more than I have in the months I've had my guitar and absolutely love his teaching style. He has already taught me such a variety of things, from music theory to several different playing techniques. I have never had a stronger love for music and cannot wait to continue my education with Jason. Great guy, phenomenal teacher.

francisco franco

i just started taking lessons with jason and ive learned alot. jason is a cool guy and fun to be around. hes good at what he does and im glad to have him as a teacher.

cole brower

Jason is an amazing teacher he is teaching me Fade to Black I am learning so much

Dina Marie Sweeney-Watts

My husband and I have an 11 year daughter who was anxious to learn an instrument, she chose the bass...we actually let her tell us for a year what she wanted (kids are quick to change a mind). In the search for a teacher/instructor we had something in our train of thought as to what we wanted for her, and of course that is the best. A few bumps with others and then Jason...MIRACLE, new, inventive, clarity of the individual child need and a clear and present knowledge and tremendous skill of his own. Our daughter is alive with a love for the music he makes so simple and fun to learn and most important she wants to practice to impress. No tears for scales, no dread for practice and an excitment for her next lesson. What more could you ask for. Thanks, Jason the Watts family is filled with gratitude.

Noel Nguyen

I've been playing guitar for nearly a decade, and I always thought I didn't need a teacher. However, even though I've been playing for a long time, Jason has opened many musical doors that I thought were not possible. Jason is an excellent musician and most importantly, an amazing teacher. He accurately understands your weaknesses and strengths and teaches accordingly. He is, however, still at your service - if I wanted to practice a particular etude or technique, he is more than happy to veer off the lesson plan and to indulge me. I highly recommend Jason to anyone who is willing to take their guitar playing and musicianship to the next level.