Danny Peykoff

Jason is probably the best teacher/coach I've ever had in any field. He does an amazing job of balancing the fine line between being fun and keeping his students on point. Seeing as how he saves me time and money by coming to my house, he should probably be charging much more. An extremely talented musician, a gifted instructor, and a overall awesome guy. I can't recommend him enough!

Joseph Pablumbo

Jason is an awesome guitar teacher and is worth ever penny. I've learned more from him in the last year than I've learned from anyone else. He doesn't just teach how to play the songs he actually teaches you the notes and the music theory behind the song. If you looking for a great guitar teacher look no further than Jason. :)

Gus Baden

I took lessons from Jason for about 6 years and I can honestly say it was one the best decisions I have made. Without his lessons, I never would have learned as much as I have about guitar or even be close to as good as I am now. Jason is not only a truly awesome individual, but he is an amazing teacher. He is the most knowledgable person I have met regarding music, and can easily talk about any subject within its realm that interests you. He is sure to inspire a drive in his students to learn as much as possible, and I greatly look forward to the day where I can take lessons from him again.

Jim Healy

After two unsuccessful attempts to learn the guitar during my life-time, I decided to give it one more shot at the tender age of 65. I went down to the guitar center, bought what I thought was the 'ranch,' and came home with the wrong guitar. I went down several months later, bought a new guitar, and still probably came home with the wrong guitar. But on the second time around, Casey told me to call Jason Dennis. So I have been taking in-home lessons weekly evdr since. While it hasn't been 'pretty,' Jason has opened up my eyes and ears to the wonders of the guitar. At first I thought this would be a piece of cake, and that I would move from lesson 1 to 2 to 3, and end up jamming Eric C. Obviously it hasn't quite worked out that way. Jason has an amazing ability to throw a bunch of things your way, which can be overwhelming but very motivating. I spent weeks learning chords, only to have to make a shift to learning how to strum. Now it's reading music, tabs, etc. Jason is unbelievably patient. He probasbly should have dismissed me months ago. But he stuck it out. We both have stuck it out. And it gets a little better each day. He is, quite simply, the best!!!!

Jared Bienemann

Jason is one of the best guitar teachers you could have. He takes the time to teach you with paitience and a joy for teaching. I've been taking lessons from Jason for a little over a year and a half and he has taught me a lot of skills and songs. Jason is a teacher that also takes the time to know you and learns your strengths and weaknesses to better your expierience and lessons. He will make you the best guitarist you can possibally be.

Kris Walter

My son has had the pleasure of having Jason as his guitar teacher for 4 years and in that 4 years, he has become an exceptional guitarist due to Jason's patience, music theory knowledge, love of not only the guitar but teaching others to love it as well. Jason has tremendous talent and it shows because, when I hear my son pick up his guitar and play, I love to hear it and it is due to the teachings of a brilliant guitarist!

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