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All active students of In-Home Guitar Lessons receive FREE ACCESS to the student area.

Inside the student area you will find a library of videos and music to help you practice and excel at the basics, chords, scales, rythm and theory.

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In-Home Guitar Lessons

In-home guitar lessons are available in the Orange County area. I recommend having lessons once a week or once every other week, depending on your practice routine and/or budget.

Please contact me to set up an appointment, for pricing information on hourly and half-hourly rates, or if you have any questions...


Online Lessons via Skype

One-on-one, in-home guitar instruction is the best way to learn how to play guitar. But for those who are outside the Orange County, CA, area I do offer online lessons using Skype. It's not the same as having me there, but it's pretty close.

Here's how it works...

Check my Skype status icon to see if I'm online. If I am, click the icon to contact me on Skype for a lesson. Since my online availability varies, I also take appointments for online guitar lessons — please feel free to contact me.


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